Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Alexandria's New Buses Can Now Accomodate People with Wheelchairs

The new buses - which will run on the Al-Maamoura, the Mahmoudiya Axis, and the Corniche lines, or serve as tourist buses - come with a ramp and a stop bell in order to serve people with disabilies.

Cairo Scene
Alexandria has received 23 buses that are equipped to be wheelchair accessible, eight of which are tourist buses from Anfoushi to Mandara with a capacity of 79 passengers, and 15 of which are electric buses that will be used in three different lines: Al-Maamoura, the Mahmoudiya Axis, and the Corniche. The buses - which include a ramp and come with bell switches to allow passengers on wheelchairs to conveniently alert the driver when they reach their stop - are part of a wider push by the Public Transport Authority to make public vehicles more accessible to people with disabilities.