Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Alfa Romeo 2015 Guilietta Outperforms Shakespeare

We took the new Guilietta out and about town for the weekend and found ourselves - much like Romeo himself - falling head over heels for the beautiful Italian...

Staff Writer

“Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.” A Famous line from one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays has inspired powerful performances and true beauty designs to this day. Nowhere is that more evident than in the design of Alfa Romeo 2015 Guilietta.

Last weekend we were introduced to one of these magnificent Italian models and we’re given the weekend to see if true love will blossom. Right from the introduction we were aroused as the Guilietta showcased plenty of curves in its exterior design that complement and attract the eyes to its sexy Italian grill and its beautiful 17’ Alloy Wheels. Stepping into the curvy but compact interior was a cheek blushing experience as the hot red Italian leather embossed seats molded to our backs and allowed for adjustable lumbar support to ensure the comfiest ride in one of the most traffic ridden cities. Perfectly complimented with sleek black dashboard and matching door panels, the new Guilietta makes the compact look sporty, while its panoramic sunroof gives the sense of a spacious ride.

Driving the Guilietta felt like taking a technological leap reminiscent to trying a smart phone for the first time. Stuck in the ongoing nightmare that is Cairo traffic, we found ourselves comfortable as the soundproof interior managed to block all the stress-inducing street noise. To conserve on fuel the Guiletta automatically cuts the engine when stuck in traffic, reigniting with a simple of touch of the gas pedal. Strategically designed to keep your attention on the road, the Guilietta is equipped with a five-inch colour touch-screen that includes Bluetooth, as well as USB and aux-in connections. Proving to be a little too smart for Cairo, the Guilietta has installed parking sensors on both the front and back bumper. Although on paper this may seem like a wonderful feature, in Cairo the bumper to bumper parking ensures that anytime you park all the censors are all annoyingly triggered just about any time you start to car.

Once we are able to get out of traffic and on to the highway, the Guilietta put on a powerful performance. At a flick of switch the Guilietta DNA driving type selector can change the engines performance depending on the road conditions, giving the driver the flexibility between Dynamic, Natural, and All-Weather driving modes. Set to dynamic mode, the Guilietta was very receptive throwing the driver back into his seat as it devours the roads, easily passing other vehicles at the driver’s whim. Equipped with a six-speed 1.4-litre Turbo MultiAir four cylinder engine that packs a 170 HP and an impressive 250Nm in torque, proving that beneath Guilietta beautiful exterior lies a beast.

Navigating Egypt’s treacherous streets never seemed safer as the Guilietta handles well, offering a smooth ride that allows you to easily avoid the various road hazards. With a history of being one the best rated family cars in terms of safety thanks to its six airbags and anti-whiplash head restraints, as well as a slew of electronic driving aids including; stability control and electronic brake distribution.

Over the weekend we lost count of how many heads were turned, and how many cars were passed, while appreciating how much fuel was saved. There are those who will suggest that there are other cars in its class that can rival on value and substance, however all fall short of being as stylishly attractive and safe. When it came time to handing back the keys, our hearts were broken, which seems only fitting as the beloved play that inspired this magnificent beauty also ended in tragedy. Much like Romeo couldn’t live without Juliet, we found ourselves wondering how long we could live without our Guilietta, and eagerly await the day we can reunite, giving this sexy car the much needed happy ending it deserves.

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