Sunday June 16th, 2024
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All About Aurora

The venue that was once Papa's, then Loca Loca, has now been completely revamped as Aurora, the latest hotspot in Gouna's steamy club scene.

Staff Writer

All About Aurora

Once upon a time it was Papa's, then it became Loca Loca, and now this notoriously ever-changing lagoon-side venue is becoming Aurora. Not the Aurora who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel leading to a very long slumber, but Aurora as in the northern lights; that stunning kaleidoscope of natural light flung against the sky. And, fittingly, we can guarantee there will be very little sleeping happening at this club-to-be. 

But Aurora will be capturing the attention of the crowds in a different way, focusing instead on bringing a diverse array of good music to the seaside spot. Founder Hany Sadek (who some of you might recognise better through his musical moniker DJ Samba) tells us, "We're doing a complete revamp," encompassing everything from expanding the outside deck, to making the Gouna nightspot "more music-oriented."

Instead of an incessant repetition of the same exact music night after night, Aurora is planning to branch out its musical taste. There will REAL LIVE MUSIC! Every week will feature a couple of live bands, whereas weekends will cater to your khabt needs with the best local DJs. During the week it will function more as a chilled out bar, transforming into a club on weekends, and Sadek promises different music every night.

And, to top it off, long gone are the days of Loca Loca, when you would be approximately one-tenth of a millimeter away from every person around. Say goodbye to inhaling your neighbours' breath, or pushing through throngs of drunken peeps to reach the bar. Aurora have now "doubled the capacity of the outdoor area" and set up a bar on the terrace. Thank you for facilitating the speed and efficiency with which we can reach our alcohol, Aurora.

The club will be open during Eid, but it's just a soft opening; the official launch is slated for October 6. For Eid they'll be hosting some local DJs and mixing up some cocktails, before the real party starts in October. Sadek has big plans for the spot, telling us that "it's one of the best locations in Egypt by far – it wasn’t treated the way it should have been – and hopefully I can make a difference!" We can't wait to see the transformed nightspot!