Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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All-Natural Cosmetics Brand Maward Finally Opens its First Store In Cairo

With an outstanding selection of beauty products from facial scrubs to full-body rinses, we're blessed to have cosmetics wizard Hossam El Maraghy as our beauty saviour.

Staff Writer

You have to admire passion wherever you can find it, and as a testament to one man's tireless journey to learn the essence of beauty from mother nature herself, Egypt's very own brilliant beautician Hossam El Maraghy has recently opened up his beloved brand Maward's first physical location in the central Cairo district of Agouza.

Maward, Hossam's massively popular all-natural beauty and cosmetics brand, has reveled in the praise of many ever since its introduction to the masses online. With a glorious assortment of self-care and beauty selections to give your body all the loving it needs (and you know damn well it needs a lot), Maward has you covered on everything from soothing organic oils, rejuvenating facial masks and gorgeous scrubs for your skin to shine bright like a diamond (and feel like one too).

Hossam uses nothing but natural ingredients straight from the earth all the way to your body and soul, with 98% of his ingredients all originating from Egypt and the other 2 percent coming from faraway places such as Morocco and Algeria to add only the best consistency and quality for all to enjoy, "I use only natural components in my products and it even shows in the store itself," commented Hossam on the natural feel of the establishment, "with the interior incorporating natural lumber and living plants to give you an environmentally friendly vibe." And that's not all; apart from selling his wonderful wares, Hossam enjoys educating the masses on how to craft their own beauty solutions and remedies whenever the chance arises, "I enjoy showing people how to do their own cosmetics, you can make an amazing hair lotion with just a bit of coconut oil, a splash of water and about five drops of Argan oil, there you go, you're doing your own thing." Hossam commented.

So what are you possibly waiting for at this point? Go, get out of here and run straight to Maward for your bodily beauty fix and thank us (and Hossam) later.

Check out Hossam's Instagram here for more info about the legend himself and Maward.