Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Amaze Projects Takes Over Sahel's Tabla With Meticulously Designed Chaos This Season

The party-organising mavens are collaborating with renowned designer Kojak to art direct their theme nights into an out-of-this-world clubbing experience.

Staff Writer

It's summertime and the living is fabulous! The sun is getting warmer every day and Sahel season is approaching at the speed of a fast car on El Alamain Road. And it seems like this year we won't be burning our tires for nothing less than a nightlife revolution in Sahel led by the party-organising mavens at Amaze Projects. The team behind the legendary Back to Basics and Park Life, is set to take over Sahel's Tabla throughout the summer to host what is to become the most sinfully thrilling party series Sahel has ever known.

Themed events is the theme of the season, as far as Amaze Projects are concerned, and they've gone high and low to redefine themed parties in Egypt once and for all. Amaze Projects' nights at Tabla this summer will feature exceptional local musical talents in a wide range of art forms and genres; think hip hop nights, belly dancers, and soon-to-be-infamous nights in which the main theme is CHAOS! But these phenomenal artists won't be the only ones bringing art to Tabla, as the whole venue will be an artistic masterpiece painted by established designer Mohanad Kojak, who's art directing the theme nights into an out-of-this-world clubbing experience where the stage, performers, clubbers, and the entire venue are all integral parts of the dazzling show. Together, they will be bringing the freshest party flavours and a brand new Sahel experience to our summer. "I'm going to be art directing the atmosphere in a real-life experience where everything and everyone is an artistic component, something I'm finding both incredibly interesting and extremely challenging," says Kojak on the phenomenal collaboration.

"We're approaching summer with a fresh perspective because we're craving a different Sahel experience this year, and this is exactly what we're bringing to Tabla," says Amaze Projects founder and party purveyor Ismail Kassem, adding that their focus this year is to design an entire show and atmosphere down to every little detail in the venue. "We're going headfirst with a unique production of our theme nights and we're going to alternate between different concepts for each one of those nights. We want to add something fresh and unique to Sahel this year."

There you have it, you better be ready for the show. Because this year, you're going to be part of it!

For reservations, call: 0100 970 3 970 or 0101 7121452.

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