Sunday September 24th, 2023
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An Egyptian Family's Guide to Easter at the Nile Ritz-Carlton

You do renga and feseekh every year with your extended family. This year, the Nile Ritz-Carlton is having you do something a little more fun with the fam!

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Not everyone wants to go over to grandma's to eat renga and feseekh for the Easter holiday; we do that every year. We want to change things up this year and do something a little more fancy, and maybe a little funner. We love you grandma, but this year, we’ll be spending Easter with the family at the Nile Ritz-Carlton, but we can totally bring you with us if you want! 

The Nile Ritz-Carlton has taken advantage of the spring warmth and organised a whole bunch of outdoor events to celebrate Easter. But they know that a lot of us are actually afraid of the sun, and are sloth-like creatures that prefer to stay inside while stuffing our faces with food. Well, they’ve set us up with events for that too so that we can at least see our family and mingle a little.

We’ve put together the ultimate family guide to the spending the holiday at the Nile Ritz-Carlton below with all of the details you need. Happy Easter!

Friday 14th of April

Brunch at Culina | 1pm-5pm

It’s only Friday and you really need to warm up your belly for the Easter weekend ahead so obviously a buffet brunch is very fitting for the occasion. Lots of proteins with designated egg stations, steaks, BBQ, and seafood - plus a feast of desserts. Also, some jazzy live entertainment will play so you can slowly sway off the calories and then eat even more. You can totally bring the kiddies to this too, and let them run free with the activities set up for them.

Sunday 16th of April

Easter Day Brunch at Culina | 1pm-6pm

Because you enjoyed yourself so much on Friday, you’ll be back here on Sunday for a lavish Easter day brunch with your loved ones. An enhanced buffet with seafood stations to fill up on, but don’t fill up too much because you need room for dessert, of course.

Cost is 550LE+++, children 6-12-years-old are half price, children 0-6-years-old are free of charge.

Kids Festival and Brunch at Garden City | 1pm-6pm

Right across from Culina at the Garden City, kids will get to celebrate Easter the traditional way by hunting for eggs, participating in a Picasso art competition, a drumming circle, a clown show, and whole bunch of other Easter related games.

Now we say right across from Culina because you can enjoy your own brunch in the restaurant while the kiddies also enjoy theirs across from you with a special kids buffet. All of their favourites; mac and cheese, chicken fingers, French fries, fruit cups, ice cream, and more. Um, can we come if we dress like children? 

Cost is 275+++ for children 6-12-years-old, 0-6-years-old are free of charge.

Dine and Dance Party at NOX | 9pm-3am

Like the name suggests, NOX will be hosting a luxurious roof top party where you get to boogie to DJ Lyon and eat eat eat. It’s probably also the only place that will give you free wine for ordering more main meals, and with the celebratory culinary creations offered on the day, you’d be eating your way into Monday morning for sure.

Minimum charge is 450LE+++ and 400LE for bouchon, complimentary wine with every main course order.

World’s Oldest Sandwich at Culina and Sweet Boutique | 8am-9pm 

What on earth is the world’s oldest sandwich? Sounds terrifying. But let’s be real, is an Egyptian Easter REALLY Egyptian without the renowned Egyptian delicacy? We’re talking about the fishy, traditional sandwiches. We feel like traitors for giving up feseekh and renga with grandma, but this year we we’ll be having it in style.

For some culinary history, the humble sandwich (world’s oldest sandwich) dates back to more than 3000 years ago. It was a simple dish comprised of bread, green onions, vegetables, and chicken/meat/fish depending on your social status. It was a food staple.

So Sweet Boutique is making a variation of the sandwich to celebrate the history of the sandwich and the long-forgotten chefs who first created it. You can also get the sandwich at Culina’s Easter brunch.

Surf and Turf at Pool and Patio | 11am-6pm

Boy oh boy, now this is what we’re talking about when wanting to change things up. Along with a succulent selection of ‘all you can eat’ BBQ assortments of seafood and meats, condiments, salads, side dishes, and dessert, you get your own cabana for the day and unlimited access to the pool. And the live DJ will probably get you breaking into little dance while you’re in your bathers, and it will be hilarious. But the sun will be out, so everyone will be busy enjoying themselves to even notice you; go wild! 

The event also lets the kids take part in an Easter egg hunt, Easter piñata (that we’ll be joining obviously), arts and crafts, egg painting, watching cartoons, AND a surprise visit from the Easter bunny who will have plenty of Easter basket goodies, and will be taking pictures with everyone.

Honestly, at this point it seems that Easter is a celebration only for kids. What’s in it for the big kids?

Well apparently, apart from all of the adult pool activities they have planned, and if you don’t have children to bring, you can just use the pool for the day with their ‘day use package’ without the cabana, but definitely with the kabana. You know, the one you eat, at the buffet.

Family Pool package – Cabana and all you can eat is 2500LE++ for a family of four.
Day Use package – Day use of pool and all you can eat is 895LE++ per person.
All You Can Eat package – For in house guests only, 395LE++

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