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An Incredible Way to Celebrate Courageous Breast Cancer Survivors' Triumphs

Their battle was tough. They are heroines. So how do we go about celebrating breast cancer survivors' triumph?

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their friends and loved ones are usually all on board with determined support; once it's over, everyone's stoked to celebrate the victory – but how do we do it? It all started with Sherry Rashad, the loving daughter of a breast cancer survivor who thought her mom deserved to be celebrated after battling out the cancer in the most courageous way. She researched extensively on the psychological value of fighting breast cancer, and how it directly correlates with patients' well-being. The result? Happening – an event planning service exclusively aimed at breast cancer survivors, focusing on their psychological wellness and getting them to recognise the hardship they've managed to overcome with bravery. While Googling how to best make this happen, Rashad realised that survivors abroad are celebrated and acknowledged after their victory – sort of like throwing baby or bridal showers, it's a stage worth commemorating. So, what would you get your loved one if they just beat the crap out of a life-threatening disease? Happening offers tons of products when they plan out a party – "We bring both the survivors and the attendees bracelets and necklaces, turbans, head covers (for after chemo), hair bands, hair clips, and T-shirts" Rashad explains. Some celebrations even bring the survivors caps and gowns to acknowledge them proudly reaching the finish line after six-week chemotherapy sessions.More than that, the event planners will deck out your celebration in cute cupcakes, small cakes, confetti and banners, flower head bands, ribbons and balloons – sounds like a birthday party, doesn't it? The entire celebration is an explosion of pink, right down to its intricate details, directly supporting the cause.If you've had the honour of knowing someone who deserves this, don't hesitate to contact them on their Facebook page!