Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Animal Apparel

The Boutique Paws opens up in Zamalek next week, offering up designer threads for pets. We talk to co-founders Jessica Noble and Jessica Gulhane to find out more about their canine couture...

Staff Writer

Oh here we go again, another Egyptian girl opening up another boutique fashion store in Zamalek. Step right up and get your latest designer piece of cloth so you can look like a mozza in front of all of your friends. Just what we need in such economic turmoil, ey? Ahh, but wait, what’s this?! These aren’t human clothes! These clothes are for dogs. That changes everything.

YEAH, we like Dags. Not only do we like dags, but we cannot get enough of little dags wearing little clothes with their little paws in those little sleeves, awwwww. Actually, it isn't just dogs, they cater to but all kinds of pets. So for all you obsessive owners who take their little ones to Gezirah Club on a Friday and want to show off how trendy your pekingnese is; introducing The Boutique Paws, founded by Jessica Noble and Jessica Gulhane, aiming to fill a gap in the market for pet couture (without skinning any dalmations). We have a chat with the ladies to find out more...

When and why did you come up with the idea to start Boutique Paws?

We were both inspired by our own dogs, after finding a total lack of fun, fashionable and quality pet products available in Cairo. Being two girls from London, we were always bringing back unique things for our pups. Friends and family soon started putting in orders every time we took trips, so it all started from there. We wanted to offer high quality pet accessories that are rare to find in many of the standard pet shops across the city; consequently we consider ourselves a boutique rather than a pet shop.

How do you feel the pets react in general to wearing clothes?

It depends on the pet; some love it more than others, and some are indifferent. We recently bought a jumper for one of our little dogs to stop him feeling the chill with his new haircut, and he genuinely seems much happier on his walks. Most of all, they love the attention they get when they’re all dressed up and looking adorable. Of course, we wouldn’t condone dressing up an animal who’s clearly uncomfortable – that’s why we encourage customers to try before they buy.

Do you think there's a big market in Egypt for pet clothes?

There’s certainly a gap in the market and we’ve had a good reaction so far, for both big and small clothing. There's also a large demand for our unusual collars and accessories, as well as some unique toys not yet available on the Egyptian market!

What items are your biggest sellers?

Our air mesh harnesses have been incredibly popular so far - they’re comfortable, breathable and very durable; available in pink, blue, red, black and army camouflage. The Hiro + Wolf designer collection is also incredibly fashionable, whilst our diamanté cat collars are gorgeous too; we’ve had lots of glamour-pusses putting in their orders already.

Do any of the items have a practical purpose as well as aesthetic?

Of course! The majority of our products are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We sell a wide range of high quality collars, leads, bowls and grooming products – and the list is forever expanding. We also have an exciting collaboration lined up with a well-known company for some cool dog beds, custom-made especially for Boutique Paws.

What is the strangest item of pet apparel you've been asked to make?

Dog bikinis.

When/where is your launch?

18th of December at Lychee in Zamalek - 5 Brazil St. (off 26th July) - from 6PM-9PM. Dogs and cats are welcome, as long as they can be carried. Larger dogs are welcome too, but unfortunately must remain outside the premises.

Check out The Boutique Paws collection on their fanpage here