Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Animals Republic Brings Vet Care Straight to Your Doghouse

Animals Republic knows the struggle of pet ownership is real, and they're delivering the solution to us on four wheels with vans decked out with a full mobile clinic.

John Bichara

Pet ownership is becoming a big thing in Egypt. Everyone's sharing cute cat pictures on Instagram and adorable Reels of their rascally little pups. But as the number of pet owners grows, our awareness of the gaps in pet ownership grows with it. Not everyone lives next to a vet, or a groomer, or a dog trainer, and where do you even leave your pet when you need to go on a business trip? New animal care company Animals Republic knows the struggle is real, and they're delivering the solution to us on four wheels.

"It's becoming more culturally acceptable to have a pet in the house, but that also comes with more frustrations for new parents," Karim Gaaffar, CEO and one of the co-founders of Animals Republic alongside partner Mohamed Mohasseb, tells #CairoScene. "They needed awareness on pet handling and access to trusted vets. That's when we got inspired to create a place that I would trust and rely on to safely fulfil my pets' needs."

Animals Republic straight-up comes to your home with a van that's decked out with a full-scale mobile vet clinic with diagnostic tools like x-ray, ultrasound and blood analysis, as well as a full team of vets and assistants to provide pet parents with trusted quality services.

Their health insurance plans are customised and inclusive of all pet needs, with a focus on preventative care, regular vaccine administration and parasite prevention. Some health plans also include boarding nights, grooming options, taxi services and discounts in their marketplace.

And it doesn't end there. Animals Republic isn't just trying to treat your pet - they're trying to treat the whole culture of pet care. "We are trying to create a new perception of animal care," Gaaffar says. "We have done an awareness session on animal behaviour at schools, and we are planning more awareness sessions around compounds in east and west Cairo in the next few months."

To join this new Republic, check them out at