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Art Café Opens Up New Branch by the Beach in Sidi Heneish

Art Café has just opened up a brand new branch in the North Coast’s Sidi Heneish, offering art classes, workshops, a gallery and more.

There’s nothing like the crisp sea breeze to open up those creative chakras and finally get you to stop procrastinating and learn how to paint already. Yeah, we see you. We know you wanted to practice that new artsy hobby during your long self-exile at the North Coast, and we also know how you’ve been putting it off. For as tempting as the call of the fresca seller can be, you know you can’t waste all the artistic inspiration of the seaside around you. Lucky for you, Art Café – the Cairo-based art centre – has recently opened up a new branch in Sahel’s Sidi Heneish to get kids and adults alike to finally unleash their inner artiste. Known for its cosy, homey atmosphere, Art Café is an art educational centre providing different art classes, workshops, events, camps, retreats and more for the Egyptian community.

“I’m convinced of the idea that there needs to be art available by the beach, especially when kids are staying in Sahel for three months with nothing creative to do," Art Café founder Hoda Kamal told #CairoScene. “So it’s always good a spot where kids and adults alike can practise art in the holiday.”

The Sidi Heneish branch is offering a kids’ summer arts camp that'll run until September 3rd (with the deadline for registration for the last week on Friday 28th August), alongside some of its signature workshops for kids and adults on calligraphy, pottery and painting . Art kits are also available on-site, and you could either take home and let your creativity loose, or unleash your inner Picasso in the centre itself. The space also hosts an art gallery for art enthusiasts or artists who want to buy or display their art.

To find out more about the camps, workshops and registration process, click here.