Monday September 25th, 2023
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August: The New Egyptian Beach Essentials Brand Taking Inspiration from the Sixties

Reminiscing to the good ol' days with skimpy shorts, tucked in shirts and bangs. Ok, maybe not that part of history, but more the lively rock music and ice-cream booths.

Staff Writer

Call us old, but back in the day, your largest bath towel would double-up as your beach towel and you’d take all your beachy bits-and-bobs in the backpack you take to school. Now, though, there’s an accessory for every occasion and few are as important as those you take sea-side.


Taking somewhat of a nostalgic, retro approach, Egyptian accessories brand, August, has released a rather fetching collection of bags and beach mats that channel the very core of the summer aesthetic, with brimming colours and warm palettes capturing a serene but lively summer aura.



“Summer is just our favourite season of the year,” founder, Karim Wafik, told CairoScene. “August is one big throwback to the 60s and 70s’ summer vibe and beach experience.”

Said vibe is highlighted by vivacious illustrations that embody the spirit of the season and reminisce to a simpler time. They also just look very cool. Drawing inspiration from these eras’ music, they’re used as a drive for August’s direction and design that packs the season’s energy.

“This summer went in with what we consider is minimal beach essentials,” Wafik said, adding that he’s already got a vision and ideas for summer 2020. “We’re looking forward to making next year’s experience even richer.”

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