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Azbakeya Delivery Is Bringing The Famous Book Market to Our Doorsteps

Now you can (fake) splurge on a birthday present for your friend.

If you’re a book lover who just hasn’t had the moolah to go buy a good number of thought-provoking books, this is most definitely the offer you need to be taking advantage of this summer. And if you're one of those horrid book-haters, then you could always get a mix of books for your book-loving friends and it’ll look like you splurged when really you’re the cheapest of them all.

Azbakeya in Downtown Cairo lhas long been famous for finding the rarest and most interesting of book for unbeatable prices. From the academic books to comics. And if there’s anything better than books, it’s cheap books. And you can get five for a very decent price of EGP 220 from Azbakeya Delivery AND have it delivered to you. The Page have taken it upon themselves to bring the famous book market to 2017 with home delivery. All you need to do is message their official Facebook page with your name, address, and phone number. 

Check out Azbakeya Delivery’s Facebook page here

Main Image by Elisabeth Jaquette.