Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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B-urn Will Whip You Into Shape With Their Cutting Edge New Exercise Method

The fitness craze sweeping the world has finally caught up with Egypt! B-urn is Egypt's only licensee of the Lagree Fitness Method - a form of exercise that blends Pilates and cardio and can burn up to 900 calories in less than an hour.

Staff Writer

B-urn Will Whip You Into Shape With Their Cutting Edge New Exercise Method

Ever since we moved offices to the GrEEK Campus, we CairoSceners have been packing on the pounds thanks to a little hotdog stand and a foul cart right across from our building. So, like anybody with a social dysfunction would, we took to Instagram to vent our frustration and, as we were looking through threads of colourful pictures of people with healthy lifestyles, we stumbled upon B-urn, a charming fitness studio in Giza.

According to Amina Naguib, physiotherapist and owner of the studio, it is Egypt’s exclusive licensee of Lagree equipment and method, which she discovered last Thanksgiving during her stay in the United States. “I immediately shrank after one class and I was hooked,” she said enthusiastically. After that, she sought to meet Sebastian Lagree, the man behind the brand, and managed to buy the franchise. “We started with three machines,” she said, but considering all the love they have been getting, we are pretty sure that number will be growing soon.

The Lagree Fitness Method has been dubbed Pilates on steroids for a reason; the method focuses on slow twitch muscle fibres (muscle cells that are slow to fatigue), which promote fat-burning much quicker than other workouts when worked past the point of exhaustion. It is a body conditioning method that combines Pilates and cardio. “It’s great because it promotes strength without bulking you up,” explained the fitness expert. “It’s a workout that complements everything; we have skiers and tennis players come in and sign up for classes,” she added. An average person can burn from 500 to 900 calories in one of B-urn's 45-minute sessions, as per Naguib.

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