Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Barcelona on the Brain

If you're thinking of travelling abroad this summer look no further than Excel Travel, where we've just bagged a brilliant 6-day trip to Barcelona for a bank account friendly 6305 LE, including flights...

Staff Writer

Ah Barcelona. We've all been there. It's been included in the Egyptian Constitution that every citizen of this country must at least, once in their lives, take a holiday to Barcelona. Article 42, Paragraph 6. Look it up. Just kidding. Anyway, anyone who's been lucky enough to go to the Spanish city has had a jolly good time there, wished they could live there and clung to the airport's lamps, refusing to get on the plane back to Cairo. They've all proceeded to cry when they arrived at the Cairo airport and gone were the beautiful people and the sexy language. It's that magical city of genetically blessed humans (swear on our lives, the GARBAGEMEN are some of the hottest male specimens we're ever seen), beaches (some of which are topless), shopping that bleeds your wallet dry, but you don’t care because it's totally worth it, as shopping always is, and best of all, it's a city that shares our Egyptian love of partying. While silly American cities don't understand that good parties don’t start until midnight, Barcelona totally gets it – clubs fill up at 1 AM, and contrary to How I Met Your Mother's 'nothing good happens after 2 AM' rule, in Barcelona, EVERYTHING good happens after 2 AM. Actually, in Barcelona, good things happen all day long. We could easily forgo sleep for several days just to experience the city. And we always have to get ourselves some paella. This is a must and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Of course there's also the genius of Gaudi's architecture, the gorgeous Gothic Quarter, and loads of sightseeing for those more culturally inclined than us. Plus there's Camp Nou, the happy place of many a football fan. We've screamed our throats dry at many a match, you know, being the loud and rowdy Egyptians that we are.

It's a beautiful city full of beautiful people and we all wish we could just pack our bags and relocate there for all eternity. Sadly, we are limited to short vacations whenever we get a break from the tediousness of university or work. Even more sadly, it's always endlessly difficult to organise a trip with your friends; who's doing the booking; are we going the Expedia route or Egypt Air; wait, are we all on the same flight!? Why aren’t we sitting next to each other? It's peak season; the tickets are so overpriced it's costing you as much as a month-long trip to Antarctica. Problems, problems. Decisions decisions. Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if someone did all this tedious organising for us and got us a kickass rate at the same time? Yes, yes it would. Now bow down to our awesomeness because we have found you just the people to do it. Excel Travel are globe-trotting junkies who know exactly what they're doing and plan an entire package-deal trip for you, A to Z. The expert explorers arrange trips all over the world and save you the trouble of booking and finding good deals and all that jazz. Plus, the price is incomparable. They've got loads of trips coming up but their first one is to the city we've just written an ode to above; Barcelona!


It's a six-day trip from the 31st of July until the 5th of August for only EGP 6,305 per person. This includes the flight ticket, plus accommodation (which includes breakfast), plus all airport/hotel transfers. Now anyone who has tried to book a trip, like, anywhere during the summer, knows the prices skyrocket and you end up in tears because it’s going to cost you two arms and a leg. But Excel Travel's nifty little package will only set you back about 6 grand, which is, excuse our French, effing amazing.

So we suggest you book your trip now and get all of your summer plans sorted with Excel. Also – bonus! – if you book before the 15th of May, you'll be entered into a draw to win a 2-night stay at a 5-star in Taba (double room, all inclusive – SCORE!). Barcelona here we come. 

You can call Excel Travel's direct hotline 16241 or check out their Facebook page here.

For the Barcelona package, head to the event page here, and for all the package details click here