Friday April 12th, 2024
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Basement Urban Pub: Cairo's Favourite After Work Hangout

Set to become the city's least fussy spot, Basement Urban Pub is your friendly neighbourhood hangout.

Staff Writer

Basement Urban Pub: Cairo's Favourite After Work Hangout

What holds up a friendship together? It’s the eternal question. Some say it’s communication, some say it’s two-way streets, some say Facebook, but the one true incontestable friendship-boosting factor is always location, location, location! Look at How I Met Your Mother or Trainspotting, for instance; what do these 2 sets of onscreen friends have in common - aside from the social disorders? A pub! There is just something ineffably congenial about a pub that allows friendships to flourish. No one wants to listen to your problems without a nice juicy steak to chew on and a sip of ice cold beer every time you get all hyperbolic about trifles. Yes, they love you, but nobody actually wants to process that.  

In an effort to strengthen Egypt's social ties, Basement Urban Pub is set to become Cairo’s go-to spot for the amiable, not so average Janes and Joes out there who just want to kick back after an honest day’s work at their 6-figure income jobs, considering that they fix THE meanest cocktails in town. Think of it as your own cosy basement, except it holds within its walls fresh sangria, smoked beer, hearty food, and endless cocktails.

And just like MacLaren’s, home of How I Met Your Mother, Basement Urban Pub is a bona fide community hangout where you could run into your long-lost childhood friend, get together with your corporate comrades, or even chill out with the fam over a delicious meal and a carefully concocted drink. And to bolster these intimate vibes, Basement Urban Pub runs a tight ship, maintaining an atmosphere of familiarity where everyone gets along and no one is psychotic, so check your crazy at the door.

Another element which makes Basement Urban Pub's laid back atmosphere work are the rustic interiors and the artisanal approach to food and beverage, relying primarily on fresh and seasonal ingredients, whereby quality always precedes quantity and variety is key; your steak comes in all cuts and even your beer comes infused with a flavour of your choice. Like, yes, it's a basement, but anything but basic!

Basement Urban Pub also comes with one very heart-warming tradition, like bell chimes whenever a family or a group of friends is celebrating happy news. Want to celebrate that long overdue promotion? The Basement will indiscriminately ring their bells for you, which is more than your mother has ever done for you!

Are you sick and tired of stilettos and skeezy waiters after your trust fund money? Do you want to try somewhere a little more personal where everyone knows exactly what you like and how you like it? Well, look no further.    

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Address: 8 Amman square, Dokki
For reservations, call 01005692229

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