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Beirut's Überhaus is Landing in the North Coast With the Gärten

Sidi Abdelrahman is about to pop off with the Gärten Sahel Pop Up this summer!

Coming at us from a Beirut basement in 2012, Überhaus has been pioneering the electronic music scene across the region, turning up the volume at every corner of the Middle East. With the Gärten they've been creating the sort of outdoor parties that typically only exist in high-octane hallucinations. Raise the roof? What roof? There ain't nothing but the Gärten, the world-class artists, and their iconic dome barely containing the scene beneath its cavalcade of diamond shapes.

And where exactly will this dome land you may ask? Like a disco UFO it's about to descend on the North Coast this summer, blasting music and lights in every direction right outside Hacienda White in Sidi Abdelrahman. They're serving electronic music, hip hop, Arabic pop, and an open air gallery with local and international artists showing off the kind of pieces that summon the rhythm to your soul entirely unsolicited.

It's all about eclectic style this summer and the Gärten Sahel Pop Up is sure to supply right down to the cuisine on an elevated pool deck and private beach with treats by Chef Marco Mondini spread out by world class bartenders and staff.

Stay tuned to find out when the party's starting at the Gärten Sahel Pop Up this summer.