Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Beit Matta is Going Against the Current with New 2019 Whirling Fish Collection

The new copper trays are must-haves.

Staff Writer

From using his own home in El Gouna to showcase his products, to displaying them across the world, Peter Matta's journey in the world of design and home accessories has been nothing short of a marvel. Some 8 years later after first designing and making furniture, his brand Beit Matta is starting to find the same acclaim abroad as it has here.

For his latest offering, The Whirling Fish Collection launched in Amsterdam last June and is now finally out in Egypt. Receiving amazing feedback Matta's combination of artist and businessman is at its peak.

There's more to the new line of copper trays than meets the eye, however, and the collection is his way of dealing with a personal experience, converting pain into art. He also chose copper because of the metal’s colour variations and how elegant the colors look to him. But driven by pure emotion, this one is very personal and dedicated to anyone who’s ever had to go through something similar. The fish in the designs symbolise hope and rebirth and direction, swimming up against the pull of gravity, “to live in harmony,” Matta told CairoScene.

Matta often finds inspiration in his personal life or his inspiration comes organically. “Nature inspired me," he recalls of 2013 when he took his first step in the business. "The whole thing came unplanned. I slowly started designing, and people started to like my stuff."

Starting with home accessories, moving to furniture and men's and women's accessories, like money clips, cuff-links, and bookmarks, Matta works with all kinds of materials, not just copper, and practices skills like upholstery. 

Soon after launching, he started displaying his products in Mykonos and has added two home-decor stores in Utrecht and Hamburg to the list of places that stock his products, as well as shops in Cairo and El Gouna.


You can find the exact locations on the brand’s Facebook page, and you can order through the website. Next on the list of expansion is a store in Italy, and several other big cities in Europe.

For more, find them on Instagram.