Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Best Egyptian Albums in English

Ever wonder what would happen if some of the top Egyptian hit albums were translated into English? A whole lot of hilarity, that's what!

Staff Writer

Translating Arabic to English, can often be confusing and hilarious. At the same time Egyptian singers have a history of making ridiculously cheesy album covers complete with an equally silly title. In the spirit of looking for a good laugh, we here at CairoScene decided the best way to illustrate our point would simply to present original albums with their Arabic titles removed and replaced with its English translation. Enjoy!

1983: Ya Tareeq (يا طريق - O Road)


2005: Embareh Kan Omry Eshren = Yesterday I Was Twenty 


1999: Amarein = (قمرين - Two Moons)


2000: Fi Eshg El Banat = The Love of Girls  


1994: W Ylomoony = و يلوموني - And They Blame Me

  • 2001: Ana Alby Masaken Shabya = My Heart is Public housing 

 2008: Ta'm El Beyout = Taste of Homes

1981: Shababeek = Windows

  • 2011: Banadeek Ta'ala = بناديك تعالى - I'm calling you come