Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Beyoot: a 360 Furniture Experience

We head to New Cairo to check out Beyoot's showroom and headquarters, and find interior design and furniture the likes of which we've never seen before in Egypt. We speak to founder Ahmad Kabesh and his team to find out more...

Staff Writer

Beyoot: a 360 Furniture Experience

Imagine a typical Egyptian living room, what do you see? At least five or six hideously cheesy chairs that look like they were stolen from Sleeping Beauty’s castle, mint green or pastel pink wallpaper and a lot of furniture covered in a golden coating? If this is the reality you would like to break out of, we have found the place for you: Beyoot Furniture, a quality furniture store we located at Concord Plaza, which makes furniture that blows Egyptian standards out of the water and transforms any space, whether it’s commercial or residential. With its 360 service, combining design, furniture and woodworks by its sister production company AlManjara, owner Ahmad Kabesh will provide makeovers for every space. We meet the faces behind Beyoot and found out how and why the furniture store is the front runner in excellence, quality and sheer taste.

Ahmad Kabesh founded Beyoot four years ago. His many years living in Qatar with his wife Hala, who is the technical consultant at Beyoot, showed him the standards of furnishings in foreign countries which sparked a passion to bring those standards to his home country. Now he is based in New Cairo where his furniture showroom delights people at Concord Plaza and his office and factory building is designed and equipped head-to-toe in Beyoot furniture and AlManjara wood, which is produced in-house, just below the impressive office. When we enter to check out this incredible space, we are amazed by the attention to detail, the visible quality of the wood and all of the other furnishings and the taste with which all of the beautiful pieces of art were put together to make the perfectly inviting, cosy or professional rooms. When Kabesh tells us the designs are worldly, not just Egyptian, we know what he means…

When getting inspired for their best work, the team at Beyoot tells us they look for quality above anything else. “We choose our clients as much as they choose us,” Ahmad tells us. If there is no capacity, ability or budget for them to deliver the best design and the finest quality, Beyoot will not accept the assignment. The team isn’t just chasing the money but instead the challenge to deliver quality designs, executed perfectly, which, let's be honest, is unusual for the Egyptian furniture business. One thing that particularly sets Beyoot apart from all its competition is, in fact, this impeccable quality of the furniture made in Miami, exceeding usual expectations. Only hard work and dedication makes it happen, as Beyoot’s Shady ElHelw tells us, because a day is never long enough for the team to finish a job. “We are aggressive and bold.” he says, “not with clients but with implementing our vision. We do things that people think can’t be done.”

And we can see that. Elhelw shows us some of the designs they have planned for residential and commercial clients. We are amazed to see the beautiful interiors of a collection of very good-looking places only to be told by Elhelw that we are in fact looking at 3D designs. Some of these places don’t even exist yet, however, the advanced 3D design Beyoot employs shows customers exactly what they will be looking at once Beyoot waved their magic wands in a space, and it looks more real than reality. We are shown the 3D design Beyoot produced for Mohamed Al Sagheer and can’t believe that we are not in fact looking at a photo of Figaro’s salon, never mind that a design like this actually exists in Egypt. The showroom, as well as the Beyoot headquarters, are visible examples for us that we are not looking at your average downtown furniture store. At their offices, every detail has been attended to. Every chair is amazingly stylish and comfortable. And the entire space looks like it will look as good as new for decades to come. The shiny AlManjara wood designs are modern and contemporary and every colour and item compliments the next. This is not a furniture store you consult to furnish your normal apartment, office or factory. When you come to Beyoot, you are looking to get a space that wows people, that reflects creativity and excellence and that convinces through its flawless quality. The visionary Ahmad Kabesh has created something unique, and their mission has succeeded… 

Find out more about Beyoot on their Facebook fan page here.