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Bloom: Cairo's New Health & Beauty Hub

Mark your calendars, ladies, Bloom is about to change your shopping experience as Egypt's first dedicated department store for wellness, cosmetics and mother-and-baby products flings open its doors next week.

'Kay, so, imagine a one-stop-stop for your Guerlain lipstick and Lancome mascara, a state-of-the-art twist-and-unbuckle magical unicorn baby stroller, and then some Panadol for good measure. Now imagine all this is just scratching the surface, and it’s all nestled in a tri-level, swanky, Swarovski-crystal-encrusted department store. But when we say department store, we mean like, Barneys-style infused with some artsy Brooklyn vibes.

This is the idea behind the latest store set to hit Cairo come Sunday 11th January; Bloom. Although by technical definition it would be a department store because of the sheer amount and variety of things it carries, as the new spot’s PR guru explains to us, “it’s more of a concept store.” Bloom is split up into three departments: Healthy & Wellness, Beauty & Cosmetics and Mother & Baby Care, but this is the most simplistic understanding of them.

The Health & Wellness section will contain, yeah, your average pharmacy where you can pick up Tylenol and shampoo, but it’s more all-encompassing; they’ll have medical experts on hand, you can get your blood pressure checked, check out your body fat index, and more. Walk up one floor and you’ve stepped into a total beautification den. Every make-me-pretty item will be there so you can overload on lash curlers, lush body creams, and lipstick galore, plus a mini-makeup studio too, and there’s even going to be a dedicated room where you can check your skin type. Plus, they’ve got a perfume wheel! A perfume wheel! We had to have that explained to us but listen up, it’s really cool in the most trivial way possible. In life, there are categories for the bases of different perfumes, like floral, wood notes, musk, citrusy etc. So the perfume wheel will split up into categories and colour coded in relation to the base scent; that way, let’s say you’re Dior J’Adore kind of girl, and it’s comprised of like, lavender and goldfish powder and fairy dust or whatever, you can find the corresponding colour and look up all the other perfumes that have a similar style scent! Finally, you can get all your baby-related goodies on the third floor, entirely dedicated to yummy mummies and babies. Strollers to pacifiers to toys, treat your tots. We don’t have any but all the mums out there will find their happy place on the third floor. After, of course, they’ve bought themselves oodles of make up from the second floor.

Their grand opening will be this Sunday the 11th at 6 PM in Mohandiseen. Get shopping…

You can check out their Facebook page here.