Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Blues Tiffany: The Latest and Most Extravagant Sahel Retreat to Date

World's best beach, lavish places to stay, and season long concerts? Um, yes please.

Staff Writer

If we had a dollar for every time someone told us they were going to Sahel for the summer, we’d be richer than Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates combined. Sahel is probably the most popular place to do summer in Egypt; the crystal waters, golden sands, and a tonne of nightlife merriment to make you forget your year-long inland woes. So naturally, Projects Real Estate Development has created the ultimate Sahel retreat called Blues Tiffany, and yes if your mind instantly thinks of the aqua royalty that is Tiffany and Co., you’ve guessed just how spectacular this place is!  Stretched over 250 acres of land along the northern coast of Ras El Hekma - 81 KMs away from the mesmerising Marsa Matrouh, or 204 KM on the Alex-Matrouh Road, and around the corner from Fouka Road Exit - modern chic villas, twin houses, chalets, and bungalows are scattered on just 15% of the land with the remaining 85% covered with landscaped havens and water bodies for an ethereal vibe. So not only are you in close proximity to the best beaches in the world (we’ll totally bet they are!) but you’re also going to be located in the heart of where the summer festivities will be rocking all of Sahel.

Not to get you excited or anything, but the hype about Blues Tiffany isn’t for nothing. A summer over there includes mega concerts throughout the whole season including Tamer Hosny, Hamaki, Sharmoofers, Cairokee, and a surprise international artist who has never performed in Egypt before. The site will officially be launching in July; you’ve got some planning to do. Did we mention that they also have payment plans that go up to ten years? 

In fact, Egypt’s most prominent businessmen, PR companies, bloggers, social media influencers and brokerage firms attended an ornamented pre-launch event on the 17th of June hosted by the one and only joker, Khaled Mansour. Organised by UBD, music, takht shar2y, and, some tanoora took over the floor just to give us a little taste of what to expect over the summer. Have you marked your planners yet?

Check out Blues Tiffany on Instagram and Facebook or contact them on 16382. 

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