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Bollywood by the Beach

All the colours, music and dance moves of brilliant Bollywood come alive at Sahl Hasheesh on the 15th April.

We've all seen those Bollywood movies on TV. Try as you might, you can't keep your eyes off the screen. Not because of the storylines, which are always basically the same about forbidden love every time, but because they all feel the need to sing and dance about the aforementioned forbidden love, and it’s a kaleidoscope of explosive colours and energetic, strangely catchy music, twisting bodies and wild costumes that spin as they spin. It's arms and limbs everywhere as they frolic and do their whole high energy dance thing to pulsating beats, that trust us, is both very fun and harder than it looks to imitate. It's always a glittering affair that despite your best efforts, keeps your eyes firmly transfixed. And this glittering extravaganza is coming to Egypt for a visual and auditory feast. As part of the India by the Nile festival, Bollywood Love Story – The Musical, has hit our fair land.

Their last performance in Cairo is being staged tonight at the Cairo Opera House, then they'll be heading over the Alexandria, and finally, to Sahl Hasheesh on the 15th April for their last, most epic performance, which will take place at the Arrival Piazza.

India by the Nile is a multi-disciplinary arts festival which aims to display India's culture through various art forms and to promote a cultural exchange between India and Egypt. Our two nations do have a lot in common. Huge army-level populations, crowded streets, a mutual love of the tuk-tuk...

The musical is only one aspect of the festival but possibly the funnest and brightest. It has been touring for over six years, hitting up countries as far flung as Japan and South Africa and tells the love story of Rahul and Priya, whose father tries to tear the young couple apart. SEE, WE TOLD YOU! We knew it would involve forbidden love! But basically, get ready for colours, insane costumes, and a magical set design, all to the backdrop of the totes gorgeous Sahl Hasheesh.

Directed by Sanjoy Roy and choreographed by Gilles Chuyen, the high-octane performance has not only Bollywood dance styles, but has infused the musical with Salsa, ballet and even some Hip-Hop and Jazz. Rumour has it that their last performance at the Cairo Opera House even saw the cast getting audience member up on their feet and dancing during the finale. Singing, dancing, and the kind of wild bright colours you'd imagine an acid trip would involve. Should be good! Even better because it's by the seaside!

Find out more about Sahl Hasheesh on their Facebook page here and follow @SahlHasheeshEG on Twitter.