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Boutique Wellness Hub 'Element Five' Draws from the Basics of Nature

New Cairo is set to receive a new, well-rounded wellness concept with boutique fitness hub Element Five.

In the heart of New Cairo comes a shiny new wellness concept amalgamating all the elements of nature called ‘Element Five’. From the owners of Sun City Gardens compound in the Fifth Settlement, the new venue aims to marry all five natural elements into its facilities; air in the outdoor calisthenics park, earth in the skylight yoga studio, fire in the gym room, and water in the swimming pool (And yes, bear with us, we’ll get into the fifth element later).

Even ahead of opening, it's already gained the favours of fitness influencers like yogi Farah Nofal and athlete Omar El Dafrawy, who are working with Element Five on different sub-brands within their facility. Nofal created Eden, a yoga haven, while El Dafrawy manages Alpha, the outdoors calisthenics arena. The owners of Chop Chop, a healthy eatery, are also launching LeanGreen at Element Five, bringing everything from acaí bowls, green smoothies, and chopped salads into a full-fledged health conscious menu.

Inspired by the 1997 film, ‘The Fifth Element’, the wellness hub is based on the Greek myth that when the fifth element aether hits the earth, it connects the physical realm with the spiritual realm. Which more or less sums up precisely what the hub hopes to accomplish.

“The idea of Element Five came from the fact that we have a lot of gyms in Egypt, but none of them combine sports and non-sports facilities,” founder Shady Shalaby tells #CairoScene. “It’s a holistic concept. You can work out, wind down in the pool, then go enjoy a healthy meal.” 

The gym room, or functional room, combines unique light and sound systems imported from abroad, creating an ambience in the space that feels almost spiritual. The same can be said for all their amenities, which are categorically themed.

Unlike most wellness venues, Element Five will adopt a ‘pay as you go’ approach with no membership required. Located in New Cairo near Maxim Mall, ElFive will officially open on April 3rd.