Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Braun's Night of Beauty Myth Busting

We’ll have whatever Dina’s having to make her look so radiant.

Staff Writer

Ever-dedicated to women’s beauty and wellness, Braun hosted a glamorous beauty evening to show Cairo’s socialites all things skincare related and even bust circulating myths about our skin at the hands of renowned dermatology professor Dr. Hanan El-Kahky, plastic surgeon Dr. George Zaher, beauty expert Mr. Hossam El Maraghy, and fashion darling Nouran Khalifa. 

The sparkling evening took place at the timeless Cairo Marriott Hotel in Zamalek and was hosted by radio personality Sally Abdelsalam. Everybody’s favourite belly dancer turned kickass actress, Dina Talaat, was also in attendance to show us all what aging gracefully is all about, as did the alluring singer/actress Simon.

The beauty experts spilled their secrets on how to achieve radiant, flawless skin and on all things fashion and beauty, and lucky raffle-draw winners walked out with various Braun products to help the carry out all the advice they’ve been given.

It was a night full of revelations and busting of the myths handed down to us from our mothers and their 7alawa ladies whose hearts are no doubt in the right place but often end up screwing us over. Here's what what we learned, straight from the horse's professorial mouth. 

Myth No. 1:

Epilation only cuts hair, not pluck it from its roots. We don't know what their end game is, but it is a known fact that epilators act like tens of tiny tweezers that pluck our the hair from it's room. Painless comparatively and with smoothness that actually lasts... wait for it... up to four weeks! Take that sticky 7alawa!

Myth No. 2:

The ouch factor! Again, wrong. Eplilators like Braun's Silk-epil9 can even work underwater and have massage options to further eliminate pain. Another myth, down the drain. Literally in this case. 

Myth No. 3: 

The best hair removal method is 7alawa. Wrong. It might be oldest. But oldest isn't always best. In fact it can cause more pain as it just pulls on the skin and may even irritate the skin. Not to mention the straight up (HOT) mess. 

Myth No. 4:

You have to wait till hair grows until you can remove it. Again, this isn't 7alawa, ladies! The Silk-epil9 can even pluck out 0.5mm long hairs! Bye bye in-between days.

Myth No. 5:  

Lots of exfoliation causes ingrowns. The experts told us exfoliation is indeed necessary and recommended twice a week. And the folks at Braun have hooked us up with the Skin-Spa set for that salon experience. Bless technology. 

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