Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Breaking Bubblzz: The Cutest Chemistry

Taking their chemistry degrees and using them for the good of your skin, two Egyptian entrepreneurs make all-natural bath and body products in the most adorable ways.

Staff Writer

Breaking Bubblzz: The Cutest Chemistry

Who remembers high school chemistry? We’re going to be perfectly honest; we were probably stoned throughout it, and even if we weren’t we barely understood three words the teacher spoke anyway and the periodic table is really just a bunch of letters in a grid to us. However, some people, way smarter than us, paid attention and even studied it at university. Wait, what does one do with a chemistry degree, you ask? Become the next Walter White obviously. Or, y’know, not go the whole Breaking-Bad-meth-lab route and be more wholesome – and a whole lot cuter – and start a health and beauty business, making all-natural body care products in a chemical-infested world. That’s exactly what two chemistry graduates, Madonna Nassif and Ola Al Sakka decided to do with their brands Bubblzz.

“I was a chemistry student, and Ola was a professor, and we started Bubblzz last November as a result of us thinking of how we would utilise chemistry in a way that benefitted others, and how we could use what we’d learned in doing something creative,” Nassif explains. So they embarked on a trial and error journey of researching, and testing, and eventually came out with a myriad of products from natural soaps and deodorants, to bath bombs. Also, kudos on the cuteness level guys. Like, we can’t even with the adorbs factor of cupcake or watermelon soaps. And it’s all literally good for you. “We wanted to go the natural route because there are so many pros to using natural elements as opposed to using chemicals which might harm others,” Nassif says. An attempt to explain the ingredients is met by massive failure on our part but suffice to say, these girls have a lab. A LAB! Literally, they are cooler than you will ever be.

Anyway, they are currently working on producing body lotion and shower gel, so you can lather yourself in all natural awesomeness. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @bubblzzeg.