Monday June 24th, 2024
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Burgundy Will Spoil You Like The Boyfriend You Never Had

From riding in a limo, to dancing on stage, to indulging in delicious meals, Burgundy treated us like royalty! The people of CairoScene love you!

Staff Writer

Burgundy Will Spoil You Like The Boyfriend You Never Had

Every new place that opens, whether it's a spa or a restaurant, always sounds like a bad politician - lots of promises; zero follow-through. When Burgundy invited us over for the night, we admittedly expected the same thing - sorry, guys! But, spoiling us like no other, Burgundy gave us a night that we'll never forget. For starters, they sent us a bottle of their finest French sparkling wine. Oh, but it didn’t end there; they sent us a white limousine to take us to their venue, too. Treated with the utmost respect, the driver greeted us with a smile while he opened the limo door. Why thank you, kind sir. We acted all smooth and casual on the outside, but our hearts were beaming with joy on the inside. We’re too cute, we know. You know those movies where people go wild in Vegas? Yes, we were like that inside the limo - it’s okay if you’re jealous, young ones.

After finally arriving to Burgundy in New Cairo, we were taken by their overall atmosphere and instantly knew that our night was about to get way better than it already was. What we loved most about the setting is the fact that it was open air; we’re growing tired of all the small stuffy spots in town. We were captivated by their Jazz music that later was switched up to some of our favourite Arabic songs with some live entertainment. We got a chance to shake them hips! We also saw an opportunity to shine, so we seised the moment and jumped up on stage; we definitely put on a show worth remembering. We’ve always wanted to be superstars and Burgundy made that happen- autographs later, please!Our favourite part was, of course, the alcohol. It’s hard to find a good spot with a full bar full of creative cocktails. For all you wine lovers out there, well, let's just say you won’t be disappointed with their wide range of white, red, and sparkling wine. Also, it goes without saying that there’s beer for all the men out there - and women, though you should all cut back if you don’t want a beer belly. Its bar and superior restaurant are fully customised with delightful services to suit our needs. We couldn’t get enough of the delicious food, smooth smoking sheesha, creative cocktails, and the dance inducing music; perfection! And no, we’re not exaggerating.

Aside from their wide range of beverages, they also have the most delicious gourmet dishes with a relaxed and comfortable setting. Their platters were freshly cooked and the service was excellent - we could tell that this uniquely urban cuisine was made of the finest ingredients in town. As soon as the roasted chicken with risotto and rib eye steak with mushroom sauce headed our way, our eyes sparkled; come to us, baby! Let us paint a pretty picture that’ll have your mouthwatering in seconds: as soon as we took the first bite of the chicken risotto, we could instantly taste their heavenly caramelised onions, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese. It didn’t end there - our inner fat kid had to eat the rib eye steak as well; what kind of idiots would we be if we didn’t? The perfect blend of mushroom sauce and broccoli was the cherry on our cake - err, topping on our steak. We ate, we danced, and most importantly we drank; the perfect way to end our long day at the office. If you're looking to blow off some steam after a stressful workday - a little something we all need to do - head over to Burgundy for the royal treatment and a memorable experience you won't soon forget. 

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