Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Burning Beach in Sahl Hasheesh Changes the Way We Celebrate Easter Forever

Burning Beach completely transformed Sahl Hasheesh into an otherworldly sensory experience that forever changed the way we celebrate Easter.

Staff Writer

It's safe to say that anyone who spent Easter break at the wild Burning Beach bash in Sahl Hasheesh went home with visually insane memories and about a million new Instagram followers. It was easily the most incredible trippy experience we have ever had on a beach.

From the moment we arrived, it felt like we had been transported from Egypt to a Mad Max fantasy camp providing an overwhelming and much needed sensory experience escape from the city. To accomplish this feat, byGanz enlisted the help of Blue Marlin Ibiza and UAE to bring the world-renowned Burning Beach to Sahl Hasheesh. Brilliantly working together, they masterfully made us feel completely lost as the venue was completely unrecognisable thanks to the variety of surreal backdrops that instantly had us clambering for our phones.

The stunning spaceship-like entrance was otherworldly; intermixing twisted silver coils with LED lights and greenery set the tone for the party mayhem in store. Everyone in attendance had come dressed up as though they were ready to film a post-apocalyptic Moulin Rouge on the beach. The organisers had thought of everything, going so far as even setting up a creative station with a professional make-up artist that ensured everyone would sparkle and light up long after the sun would set.

Once we applied our final coating of glitter, it didn't take long for Absolut to begin flowing and the dancing to begin under spectacular LED umbrellas and more disco balls than any 70s-themed night. Providing the ear candy that completed the carnivalesque atmosphere was Bedouin mixing geniuses DJs Jixo & Danz, as well as Dest.

The highlight of the evening came around our third Absolut cocktail, when, somehow, we stumbled upon the EX-MACHINA photo booth. The dark room lit with strategically placed halogen lights, creating an ethereal feel reminiscent of freezing the split second before a spaceship begins travelling at light speed and disappears. The set up was a dream for those addicted to boomerangs (and you know who you are) who within minutes of posting got hundreds of likes.


It seemed that every time we grabbed an Absolut cocktail from the beach bar, which was a different colour each time, we would find something new scattered in this vibrant arena that pleased our senses. Once again, Absolut is at the centre of the night scene, this time associated with artists and inspiring a vibrant graffiti wall that was as colourful and memorable as the cocktails that fuelled our night.  From mesmerising graffiti, to creative artistic installations like a vintage speaker wall, there was no shortage of interesting photos to take. Combine that with the fact that everyone was in costumes, it made for an Absolut-ly unforgettable beach experience. 

We're not exactly sure if this was the way Easter was meant to be spent, but after this Absolut Night extravaganza, we don't see how we could ever go back to spending this holiday colouring eggs.

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