Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Burnt Orphanage Needs Help

Amidst last week's chaos, an orphanage in Minya was devastatingly burnt down. Now a group of Facebook crusaders are asking for your help.

Staff Writer

It's often easy to overlook real victims in the face of overwhelming tragedies. You may have heard about the number of dead, and perhaps the number of churches burnt down, but when the numbers are so large, it is easy to forget the little ones affected by the chaos.

In Minya, an orphanage was burnt down leaving 16 boys homeless and vulnerable. The orphange have helped 198 kids get sponsored. Father Efraim, the manager, agreed to rebuild one floor to accommodate the boys in hopes of beginning the school year normally.

May Abdel Asim and Rania Zahira have started a Facebook page in hopes of finding the funds to rebuild the orphanage. The Facebook page includes a list of all the items they need as well as a variety of channels to receive donations, including donations from abroad.

No matter what side of the crisis you are on, you should be able to understand that these children are completely innocent and need your help. The situation has nothing to do with them, and they didn't deserve to witness these terrors let alone lose all their belongings.

To find out how you can help, check out: Let's rebuild Minia Orphanage: Call for Donations!