Monday May 20th, 2024
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Buy One of Their Planners and This Egyptian Brand Will Plant a Tree

Stick to the Plan sell stunning planners, using part of the proceeds to plant fruit trees to help feed the underprivileged.

Staff Writer

Buy One of Their Planners and This Egyptian Brand Will Plant a Tree

It's 2020, so if you don't put any effort towards making this planet a better place, you need to take a good, hard look at yourself. In all seriousness, though, it's now more important than ever to incorporate even the tiniest changes to improve the rapidly-dwindling state of the environment. Helping you clear your enviro-conscience are 'Stick to the Plan', who not only sell beautiful planners to help you stay on track, but are planting trees in the process.

Teaming up with local NGO, Shagrha, which has, in the last year, planted 100,000 fruit treas in public areas in Egypt, a portion of the Stick to the Plan's proceeds will go towards planting even more trees. Besides the trees' benefit to our planet and its general state of being, they also use distribute their fruits amongst unprivileged families, feeding into the brand's ethos of sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Their first goal is to plant 70 trees, but they ultimately aim to plant 250. 

Believing in the power of uniqueness, the planners are available in four different cover designs, each with their own unique identity and vibe. Stick To The Plan want their planners to do more than just stick to your boss goals, but also want to teach you a little thing or two about how to be environmentally 'woke'. They believe that every little step in the right direction works towards achieving sustainability, no matter how small. 

In more ways than one, their covers align with the values they're projecting, such as their cover which show different women with distinct faces, feeding into the importance of tolerance and acceptance despite differences, and their cover depicting countries without borders signifying the importance of joining together in environmental issues even when separated by borders and societal norms. 

If you want to volunteer for this cool initiative and help them build some trees, head to their Instagram page for more info.