Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Buzzing About Plan Bee

Two sisters have activated our inner hippie princesses with a home-grown line of floral headbands and kitsch anklets. We speak to the founders of Plan Bee to find out more...

Staff Writer

Buzzing About Plan Bee

In the interest of adding to our floral headband collections, we’ve taken to shamelessly asking random strangers donning them where they procured these wondrous pieces we are currently obsessing over. Our most recent awkward asking session uncovered Plan Bee, a brand that up until now has focused largely on headbands of the floral variety (aka, right up our alley), creating delicate I’m-a-fairy-hippie-princess-who-lives-in-the-woods-in-her-spare-time headpieces before they become a hot trend. 

Started by sisters Baheya and Zeina Salem, it was all instigated by a bridal party where Baheya wanted to make something cute for the photoshoot and created some Great Gatsby inspired headpieces. “I made some headbands that had a 20s feel for the shoot…and then I just kept adding things,” Baheya explains. Eventually, the situation spiraled, orders started rolling in, and a hobby turned into a small business. Before floral headbands became a thing and the official ‘it’ accessory of the summer, the med school student by day, accessory artists by night had started rolling out the pieces. “By coincidence they turned out to be really ‘in’," Baheya laughs. Eventually people started to take notice and uber-stylist Maissa Azab came calling, requesting a giant, elaborate headpiece for an upcoming Enigma shoot (below) which is a seriously epically exotic floral creation. We want this. If only to wear it at home. Most recently Plan Bee's flower-topped sunhats made an appearance on the models at Bazarna's event at The Lemon Tree & Co. While we won't strictly be needing these hats any time soon, because y'know, we're not going to the races, we'd still like to own one. Just for decorative purposes. 

Now, the line is expanding to feature other accessories. Baheya (the creative mind, whereas Zeina is on the marketing side) says “I just make whatever comes to mind,” and from what we can see, Plan Bee seems to be in the process of resurrecting the anklet, which is kind of perfect with summer firmly here, and also, it might just turn into our latest obsession…but that’s neither here nor there. The anklets are a study in adorableness featuring tiny silver pendants, beautiful stones, and mini peace signs.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @planbeeofficial.