Friday April 19th, 2024
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Caché, Blurr, and Desimana to Compete For The Best Desperados DIY Party This February

Each will craft up their own party with the same budget and tools, and you'll be the judge!

Staff Writer

Caché, Blurr, and Desimana to Compete For The Best Desperados DIY Party This February

Cairene party freaks are in luck this February as 3 of the city's most renowned party organisers, namely Caché, Blurr, and Desimana, gear up to throw their first Desperados DIY (Do It Yourself) parties throughout the month. They're all on the same budget, have the same tools, however are free to craft up their own concepts and themes for what is set to be the most exciting February Cairo has seen in years.On February 9th, Destimana is taking over a freakin' abandoned factory and building it up from scratch for an unprecedented Desperados DIY rave. The following Friday the 16th, Caché will be coming forth with their own Desperados DIY party at a yet-to-be-revealedlocation. Friday the 23rd will see Blurr exhaust every party trick up their sleeves to come on top of the thrilling competition. The winning organiser will be put on a plane to The Netherlands in which they will be joining in, in building a pre-eminent sound stage for Desperados biggest DIY party eve-.

Desperados main mission is to revive Cairo's nightlife scene and send us through another, long-awaited if we may add, golden era of partying. Sticking to limited venues and themes have, as most Cairenes would tell you, bored the bejesus out of us! So they're out to get the city's party shakers to shake it even harder and up their creativity game to bring us the best parties in the most unorthodox venues and with insanely diverse themes and concepts.

Who are you rooting for out of the three? As for us, we're rooting for all three of them as this  just means that we won't have just one, nor two, but THREE out-of-this world parties to look out for this month. And it's all right here in our city. Ready, set, DO IT YOURSELF!