Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Cairo's First One-Stop Gardening e-Store Has Just Launched

No more hassle or haggling for prices.

Staff Writer

If you're a Cairene who's into gardening, you're doomed to a life spent navigating remote souks, waiting for the yearly fair at Orman Park, and constantly questioning if you've just been ripped off. "It's quite a hassle to buy gardening supplies in Egypt. You have to know someone who knows someone and then you have to negotiate your ass off. Add that to the fact that you can't even possibly find all the supplies you want in one place, and you've got a messy situation," says Karim Assem, founder of Egypt's first one stop e-store for gardening supplies, Mashtal Gardens Centers."Anything from all kinds of plants, tools, and basically everything anyone would need to maintain a garden. Mashtal is a comprehensive solution to all the gardening dilemmas," explains Assem, adding that Mashtal Garden's first physical store is currently in the works.Despite having launched just a couple of weeks ago, Mashtal Gardens is swamped with orders, signifying the very real market need for such a service. "I think there's a global movement mobilising people towards doing things with their hands more and connecting with nature, and Egyptians are finally catching up. It's been beyond amazing ever since we launched," concludes Assem.

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Pictures courtesy Mashtal Garden Centers.