Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Cairo's Top Budget Date Spots

If, like Jennifer Lopez, your love don't cost a thing, here are six romantic places for a date that don't break the bank.

Staff Writer

Cairo's Top Budget Date Spots

Cairo Tower

Every day we see Cairo Tower as a solid part of our city's skyline, but have you ever made your way up? If so, you will know that the ascent is rather cheap for Egyptians and that the adjacent bar offers a selection of drinks that won't exploit your pocket like other famous Egyptian landmarks. The beautiful views to be seen from the top will have your date's eyes glistening. And another plus: every time your date sees Cairo Tower they will think of you, and that is quite often.

Fish Garden Zamalek

The Fish Garden in Zamalek is one of few places where you still feel like nature exists in Egypt. And when on a date being one with nature has never been a bad thing. Unfortunately, there are few places in Cairo where that is still possible. Surrounded by beauty and greenery your date will appreciate your effort to show them the beauty of Cairo, even if you have to dig deep to find it... or had to consult Cairo Scene to get ideas!

Studio Masr

You want to take your date to a beautiful venue where you can enjoy nice food with amazing Nile views and good service but you haven't won the lottery yet? Fear not, Nile City boat's right wing serves up breakfast for LE25 but leaves your plate filled abundantly. Falafel, eggs, rice pudding, bread, salads, fruits, vegetables, kaa7k and of course foul are served per person along with tea and water. You don't have to be a big shot to afford this big shot breakfast on the beautiful Nile City boat.

Al Mokattam Mountain

Taking your date for a hike gives you the opportunity to really get to know them: while the view gets better and better, your relationship will get deeper and deeper. When you climb up Mokattam your date will be impressed by your physical performance and, hopefully, your banter. You may also discover the cultural richness of the region and impress your date with your historical knowledge if you read up on the Coptic past of the beautiful scenery.


Serial daters will have taken their partners to 1001 cafes, restaurants and bars, drinking the same cup of coffee, munching on the same french fries and having the same conversation. This place in Zamalek, however, features a special surprise: instead of table cloths, Arabica's tables are equipped with big paper cloths and crayons are served alongside your drinks. While you wait for your meal you may go crazy on the paper cloth and draw some hearts on the table. Here is your chance to do something different for drinks and serve your feelings on a plate.

Candlelit Sunday at Room

Room is the perfect venue for an intimate and cozy time in a wonderful Garden City setting. During movie nights you and your date can cozy up on the bean bags whereas the numerous concerts in the small rooms make sure you have fun on your date but are still private enough to enjoy each other. Every Sunday, the back room opens for a candlelit atmosphere to enjoy your coffee or brownies in. No other venue says romance more than Room.