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CairoScene's Creepiest Messages

Everyone loves the boost in confidence (or lesson in human anatomy) they get when they visit their "others" inbox on Facebook. We got together to compile some of the creepiest messages the team has received...

We have all experienced the harrowing messages in our “others” inbox… you know the ones that make you feel special in some sick paedophilic kind of way. Okay, they don’t make you feel good in any way, apart from a few laughs and uncomfortable giggles that get you wondering how such people can ACTUALLY exist. Anyway, here at the office… we began to compare some of our creepy / strange messages and decided to create a compilation of some of the weirdest ones… 

(Disclaimer: please appreciate our efforts in handcrafting the corresponding graphics)

1. Dalia Awad received: (from a male)

"hello, i hope this not bothering u. i am a boy searching for a girl to finger and spank me. if u interested my yahoo: pink_panty_slave_6"

2. Anam Sufi received: (from a male)


I will always be there for you In your darkest hours of need

When you are broken and angry

Come talk to me, I will listen

In moments when you are happy I will always be there for you

I'll share the things that make you glad

We'll do everything together!"

 Conor Sheils received: (from a male)

"Hi Conor . I hope you ok .. Actually I'm about to apply for a job in UNICEF organization in my country .. And as you know am not good in English ,, I wrote a motivation letter but I need some one take a look on it , I don't know your feeling towards me but I'm sure that you are a kind man ... Just read my letter and comment"


Kurt Galalah received: (from a male)

"Hi i like u. can i cum in your ear?"

Timmy Mowafi received: (He seems to get creepy messages more often than the rest of us... and yes, mostly from males)

Yes, this is meant to be a slut on a pancake.

"Hay , DO u mind ContaCting , i REaly liKe tO knOw yOU You r the sexiest guyi have ever seen . i realy love to know you, not for sex man . i swear iam a good person , i'm not looking for something bad with u . only friends . that's it , can we ?" 


"hey, how u doin? sluts on pancakes!!! do u remember mee?"

"??? why aren't you answering me ?? I swear we'll have the best time ever on ma bed I'll suck your dick you'll play in ma boobs you'll fuck me hard don't you like sex ??"

"plz i wanna be an actress but i dont know how .....iwiil be grateful if u tell me whats ma first step"