Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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CairoScene's Karuiz Weh Kayyesh With Careem

So this is what happened when the CairoScene team decided to be drivers with private car service Careem for the day...

Staff Writer
There seems to be a certain stigma when it comes to the occupation of driver, a role reserved in the minds of many for Cleopatra-smoking, lib-eating, Mickey-Mouse-sticker-donning, lower class men - but why? Cruising round all day, meeting new people, and getting mad cash for doing it? Sounds like fun.
With that in mind, we signed up a few members of our team; Eihab Boraie, Ahmad Abi, Ranya Oweida, and Yahia El Sady to drive around the city with private car service Careem for a day. We set up cameras in their cars and asked them to experience first hand, what it's like to be a driver. Let's just say it was a hard task getting them back to work at the office. Check out what went down...
P.S. We teamed up with Careem​ to give away our readers 50% off on rides all month on the app. Just use the promocode CareemScene.

A few members of the Cairo Scene team decided to efkis the office, and took up the occupation of Careem Captain for the day, navigating their way around Cairo's streets to see what it's really like to be a driver...P.S. We teamed up with Careem to give away our readers 50% off on rides all month. Get the code here:-

Posted by Cairo Scene on Wednesday, 9 December 2015
If you want to sign-up as one of Careem's drivers, otherwise known as Captains, visit Careem on Facebook or Instagram