Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Camel Dive Club: Egypt's First Disability-Friendly Dive Centre

With fully-equipped facilities and disability access services, Camel Dive Club has made sure that diving can be enjoyed by all.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s South Sinai is one of the world’s most popular diving sites. However, the popular marine activity remains inaccessible to many tourists with disabilities.

With fully equipped facilities, Camel Dive Club & Hotel is Egypt’s first disability-friendly resort, earning Diver Magazine’s coveted title of Dive Centre of the Year in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Because quoted Camel’s Sales and Marketing Manager Ornella Ditel as saying, "The first step is establishing the level of fitness to dive. This is true for everyone who wishes to take scuba diving lessons, and it has nothing to do with physical disabilities."

Founded in 1986, Camel Dive Club has now made the underwater activity accessible to people with disabilities through experienced personnel and disability-friendly boats. "The majority of our instructors have experience in adapting their teaching techniques to help ensure that student divers with disabilities meet the performance requirements for certification," asserts Ditel. "We know very well that divers with disabilities don't want – and don't need – an instructor who teaches their disabilities to dive, what they want is an instructor who will teach them to dive with their disabilities."

Camel’s proficiency and expertise is demonstrated in British artist Sue Austin’s 2012 film Creating the Spectacle. Camel assisted in the production of footage depicting underwater mobility by providing intricate adaptations to the dive process.  

Image: Screen grab from Creating the Spectacle.

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