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Carpe Diem Hosts Treasure Hunt in Historic Al Moez Street

Adventure calls in this historic quarter of Al Moez Street, and recreation hub Carpe Diem invites you to answer it on February 26th.

Bursting with stories and veiled in mysteries, Downtown Cairo is home to some of the city’s well-kept secrets. Amongst them are the treasures of Al Moez Street, one of the oldest streets in the entire capital. Once the main artery of Cairo’s trade, with religious buildings and monuments commissioned by medieval elites, it has been preserved as a repository of Islamic heritage. Adventure calls in this historic quarter, and recreation hub, Carpe Diem, invites you to answer it on February 26th.

Carpe Diem is hosting a treasure hunt across Al Moez Street, which will offer curious adults the opportunity to uncover the stories behind the area’s landmarks and treasures by following a set of given clues. From 10 AM to 1 PM, you’ll find yourself gaining a new outlook on life, and yes, you might have to wake up slightly earlier than desired but with some comfy joggers and massive sunnies on, everything is a little less daunting.

To join in the hunt, you will need to DM Carpe Diem through their Instagram page,, and ask for the registration form.