Monday September 25th, 2023
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Carte Blanche’s Complete Roundup of Cairo’s Hottest 2019 Events

2019 did not have a dull moment thanks to these events.

Staff Writer

2019 was undoubtedly a stellar year for every Cairene’s night life, with more bustling and unique events popping up all over our capital than ever before. With the help of Carte Blanche, both Cairo and Sahel were witness to some of the dopest parties over the past year, including Chivas XV’s launch party on the Omar El Khayyam boat in June that had us living it up over the glittering Nile waters. 

In the following months, Ballantine's ‘Back to Back,’ a 3-day DJ competition, was hosted in July and August at Sahel’s Ivory giving us a long weekend of nonstop bops.

Just a few months prior, Jameson brought the luck of the Irish to the heart of Cairo with their Saint Patrick's event in Unicorn Garden. 

Even our summertime could only be described as party goals thanks to Chivas XV’s sponsorship of the Solomun event at Bo Islands in June, followed by Ballantine’s sponsorship of ‘Tale of Us’ in August at the same venue. 


But the summer fun didn’t stop there. Kiki’s Sahel, which featured Absolut Elyx all summer long, was also host to a handful of lit get-togethers, where it held ‘Midsommar,’ sponsored by Absolut, an originally Swedish tradition that celebrates the beginning of summer in July and again in August, and Kiki's 'Disco' nights were on fire thanks to Absolut Elyx.

The excitement went on during the colder months, with events like Ballantine’s livestream mirror party of a Boiler Room event in Ukraine at Unicorn Garden in November followed by the Chivas XV sponsored Christmas and Halloween parties hosted at Cairo Capital Club with Zoo Events and Jameson’s Christmas bash at Unicorn Garden that brought some winter merriment into our lives.

All year long, the partying wasn’t just reserved for the nighttime, with a glamorous monthly brunch being held by Absolut Elyx at Kazoku, Lexie’s, and Sachi by the Sea for some daytime dancing. What were some of your favorite Carte Blanche events of 2019? Let us know in the comments below. For more information, visit their Instagram page here.