Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Cat Rescued After Living in a Wall for Five Years

The online and real life efforts of Egypt's animal activists successfully freed a cat trapped in a Cairo metro station.

Staff Writer

A cat which was stuck in what people are calling a “tomb” for the past five years was finally released from its imprisonment. The cat was stuck between the surface of the wall and a fire extinguisher installment located at the Mohamed Naguib Metro station in downtown Cairo. Now you might be asking yourself how this cat survived for five years lodged behind a wall… Here’s what happened. The man whom this cat owes its life to is known as Uncle Abdo. For five years, Uncle Abdo went to the wall where the cat was trapped and left it food and water. Usually a man with this amount of love for a stray animal would give it a name so from that day forward Uncle Abdo bestowed the moniker of Biso on the poor feline.

Photo courtesy of "Help and rescue homeless animals‎" Facebook page.

Several people would capture photographs of Uncle Abdo feeding his dear Biso, or just of Biso’s tail hanging from a crevice in a wall. These photographs were posted on several animals rights pages on Facebook. Thanks to these posts, animal rights activists Mounira Shehata and Marwa Elgebaly rushed to the metro station on March 12th in an effort to save Biso but were told that the public property of the metro could not be defaced unless officials were present. That meant they would have to wait until March 14th to make an effort to free Biso.

On March 13th, while all of this was being stirred up, renowned animal rights activist Dina Zulfikar discovered Biso’s plight through social media. Upon learning of the predicament the cat was in, she rushed to the police station to file a report with animal rights defender Dalia Shaheen. Thanks to the efforts of these two pressuring the police they were able to rally officials and civil defense personnel to rescue Biso a day early.

As they arrived, the head of the metro station was ordered to call in the workers on their day off to come in and move the wall so Biso could be freed to the effect of prosecution order received. After moving the wall they were hit with what was described as a “heinous smell” and about five hours of waiting Biso seemed to be too scared to come out. Eventually, Biso the cat jumped out and eluded everyone trying to catch him and disappeared into the metro station once more.