Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Celebrate Moroccan Tradition with You Natural Care’s Skin Care Line

Every single product that they put out, is produced in parallel with R&D pharmaceutical experts, and made to industry standard, making them dependable.

Cairo Scene

In a world framed with digital filters, long lists of “follows & friends” and endless “likes”, it is becoming more difficult to tell what is true, genuine and natural. That’s where ‘You Natural Care’ comes in, specialising in all-natural skin-care and hair-care products rooted in Moroccan herbs and tradition.

“​​We see beauty differently, we  believe beauty is natural, warm, genuine and earthly,” Dr Hussein Shoeib, founder of You Natural Care, tells CairoScene. “For us, beauty is a fresher version of your own self, not a  version of someone else.”

You Natural Care’s products are rooted in the belief that what you use on your body becomes a part of you. This is why they dug deep into earth’s wondrous well’s to find the best possible ingredients that make their line. “You Natural Care takes the extra mile to ensure best grades of ingredients quality and push the limits to the highest brackets of active ingredients concentration for best personal care experience,” Shoeib says.

This philosophy is reflected directly in their production process. Every single product that they put out is produced in parallel with R&D pharmaceutical experts. First they create the base (which is basically 70% of the product) out of aloe vera and shea butter, both known for being super hydrating and nutritious. Then they focus on the active ingredient, which drives each product’s functionality. This is where the essential oils come in, with different combos serving different purposes.

You Natural Care has two main lines, Oasis and Sahara. Both are infused with the belief that going natural is a practice to be ingrained in their customer’s routines, with easy-to-use products that can become your new normal.