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Celebrate Spring at Cairo Festival City Mall

It's all fun, games, and world-class entertainment at Cairo Festival City Mall's Spring Festival.

It's that time of the year again; you know, that time when the weather has a mind of its own and you're not quite sure whether it's hot or cold and you just kind of give up on figuring it out. You know what we're talking about: spring.

Probably the most celebrated of all seasons, spring is greeted with breaks and blooming flowers everywhere in the world; of course, here, we get booming gusts of sand and dust-filled wind, so we limit our spring celebrations to indoor environments. Cairo Festival City Mall, perhaps?

Squeeze in some spring fun as you shop at Cairo Festival City Mall this weekend with the mall’s Spring Festival. With live performances by Salalem and Crash Boom Bang, you are sure to groove as you splurge! The amphitheatre will also be hosting Sitara’s latest play, The Rainbow Thieves, and MIT’s Umbrella Project. You can also have all kinds of outdoorsy fun at the promenade with a quick shopping spree at the spring bazaar or the farmer's market; you could also head over to the village to watch the spring parades. The best part is that you can drop the kids off at the linking plaza where they can live out their childhood as they enjoy age-appropriate fun activities – just remember to pick them up at the end of the day.

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