Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Check Out These Super-Cute Underwater Puppies

New York Times best-selling photographer Seth Casteel tapped into the Holy Grail of all that is cute with his latest "Underwater Puppies" series. See (and gush over them) for yourselves here!

Staff Writer

Seth Casteel is a New York Times best-selling author/photographer who made a name for himself with photography book of dogs underwater. Just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter or more surreal, in comes Casteel's second book Underwater Puppies.

Each photograph is literally breathtaking, and is the result of Casteel's efforts of giving swimming lessons to more than 1,500 pups. Although it is true that dogs are instinctual swimmers, Casteel explains that swimming pools are not natural bodies of water, and that it is absolutely important to teach the dogs how to safely get out of the pool.

For some of the puppies it was their very first time swimming, and in the pictures it is very clear that the puppies love it, as their expressions are ones of excitement and not fear. Casteel began his pet photography career by taking pictures of homeless animals in an effort to find them forever homes. With the help of his talent behind the lens, many families instantly fell in love with both photo and animal, resulting in many adoptions.

"The goal [of the book] was to feature some Amazing Rescue Puppy Ambassadors to remind people that adoption is a wonderful option!"Casteel writes on his website. "There are so many AWESOME pets that need loving families and I hope you'll consider bringing a shelter pet into your life."

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