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Chivas 18: 'A Generous Award For A Genius Taste'

The world-renowned Chivas 18 celebrates winning the definitive title of the world’s best blended Scotch Whisky.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.” - Mark Twain
Whisky drinking is an art. Much like video games and Tibetan throat singing, the ancient craft of fermented grain mash consumption often goes unappreciated by the plebeian masses, as they swill dyed moonshine and light beers. It requires years to develop a sophisticatedly fancy palette and refined motor skills to ensure not a drop is wasted, as well as extensive knowledge that borders on sheer geekery. To be fully capable of appreciating the intricate subtleties that make up a good whisky or scotch, one must devote one's life to the pursuit. A masterpiece such as Chivas 18, however, basically requires you to become a Jedi in order to understand the full galaxy of flavours in each drop.

Chivas 18 is the type of drink for dignified folks - aspiring and accomplished gentlemen accompanied by sophisticated ladies, painting the town red. You don’t drink an award-winning Scotch whisky like Chivas 18 to “get wasted” and destroy an evening’s worth of memories. You drink it to lubricate the laborious machinery of modern life and create character-defining moments. 

The fine blend is only 18 years old and already winner of more awards than that one overachiever friend you had in high school. Scrutinised and chemically analysed, cavalier scientists worldwide have definitively declare Chivas 18 as the “The World’s Best Blended Scotch Whisky.” That’s science; gentlemen should respect science. A healthy respect for the scientific method and courtly courtesies are the heart of the chivalry that separates the modern breed of gentleman from the boresome oafs that “bro!” and “dude!” their way through life. Chivas, chivalry - it’s not coincidence. 

Congratulations are in order to the Chivas team for their valorous win at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Now, excuse us as we have a tipple or two of our favourite blended Scotch.

Check out Chivas on Instagram @chivasregal.

Photo shoot by MO4 Network's MO4 Productions. Photography by Kareem Saba. Shot on location at The Ambassador's Club at Intercontinental Semiramis check them out on Facebook and Instagram