Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Clooper is Heliopolis’ Newest Pet Photography Studio

You no longer need to treat your pets into photo-submission with Heliopolis’ Clooper Studios.

Farida El Shafie

 Clooper is Heliopolis’ Newest Pet Photography Studio

To most, a scenic snapshot with their pets propagates a series of sweat-inducing endeavours and a photo album of blurry (albeit incandescent) images of their four-legged companions. At times, a lonesome image serves to remunerate your spiritual losses - after a fortnight’s worth of digital enhancements - and provide an instagrammable image worthy of your social media accomplices’ attention.

Aware of the communal struggles at hand, Clooper Studios - a new Heliopolis-based pet photography studio - has tasked themselves with the hair spiking task of photographing your untamable babies.

“I named the studio after my dogs, Cleo and Cooper,” Dinah Adel Harvey, Founder and CEO of Clooper Studios, tells CairoScene. “Over the pandemic, I came across multiple global studios that specialise in photographing pets and I grew envious of their compositions and the ways in which they went about it. I began teaching myself how to do it because I wanted nothing more than pictures of my dogs that look professional and that can be framed.”

What started as a mere pastime eventually morphed into a full-time passion project for Harvey. Clooper is where pet-themed Christmas cards are actualised and bubbly snapshots of pets grinning in reverie with a baby-pink backdrop are delicately orchestrated. It’s where parents are absolved of the mind numbing tasks associated with pet posing techniques and respective furniture-affiliated damages.