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Club Clandestine: Cairo's New Secret Supper Club

From the people behind the Lemon Tree & Co. comes a new culinary cult, throwing secret suppers, shrouded in mystery, promising unique dining experiences every time. Here's what we know so far...

A swanky, secretive supper club is set to hit Cairo, but whether or not you’ll be on the list is still up for discussion. It’s not quite like anything we’ve ever seen before in the city – Club Clandestine is gearing up to revolutionise the foodie scene here.

Each month, they’ll be hand picking a group of people and whisking them away to a secret location in Cairo to indulge in a different delicious dinner, created by their culinary whiz of a chef. The place, the food, the guests – everything is shrouded in mystery but that’s just part of the charm. The upcoming event will be held this February 26th.

The masterminds behind this clever clandestine conception are none other than the same people who brought you The Lemon Tree & Co., which means you can rest assured you’ll be guaranteed a perfect, whimsical, and incredibly delicious evening – if you’re invited that is. It’s all very hush hush, but essentially, the list of invitees will be privately messaged being cordially invited to this culinary heaven, and then sent their secret destination. No word yet on what kind of places they’ve got up their sleeve. Inside pyramids tunnels? You know, live your history and all that. A random spot on the Ring Road for that living-on-the-edge feel? Inside an abandoned Zamalek villa? YOU NEVER KNOW.

What we do know is that they’ll be exploring Egypt’s hidden gems with each rendezvous, that they’ll be switching up the cuisine every time, and that it’ll be an indulgent and unique experience. Their next event will be at the end of this month – keep an eye on your Instagram account because if you’re part of the cool crowd, you might just find an invite awaiting you.

You can check out their Instagram account @clubclandestine or head to their Facebook page here.