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Coco's: Kitschy-Cute Summer Essentials

With a mission to provide people with the trendiest summer pieces at affordable prices, Khayria Ali launched Coco, providing everything from gorgeous summer dresses to eye-catching statement accessories to cater to your every summer need.

With Eid here and Sahel season kick-starting again, we’ve spent the majority of the past month stockpiling summery sartorial staples that we can't wait to get our hands on and wear as we wile away the remaining summer days by the beach. Our most recent find, Coco’s, nails all the fashion categories, combining both cute clothes and colorful accessories, all at reasonable prices, making it a one-stop-shop for a host of summer essentials.

The brand boasts a wide variety of styles, with everything from flowy beach dresses and kitschy-cute tees, and loose printed pants to statement accessories in Popsicle shades.

Launched by Khayria Ali, its names stems from her nickname, Coco. Ali created the brand in an attempt to counter some of the overpriced pieces that saturated the market. A fashion fiend through and through, she wanted to curate an affordable collection that reflected current trends in fashion.

“Lots of designers were selling the same styles I wore for really high prices, so I just thought, what if I made the stuff, and got it for better prices?” she tells us. The clothes are her own designs, including printed t-shirts, and tops in electric shades that reflect the essence of summer.

There are also a few pieces that, while still on-trend, reflect a more sophisticated style aesthetic, like this black and white floral pencil skirt paired with a sleeveless boatneck yellow top.

The accessories Ali orders from London and Italy, but despite their foreign heritage, they aren’t ridiculously expensive, largely in part because she recognizes the speed at which accessory-trends enter and leave fashion. “At the end of the day, they’re accessories – people wear them today, tomorrow, but not for years,” she explains. So she’s priced them as more seasonal trends that come and go, meaning you don’t have to think twice about buying a necklace because of its price to actual-wearing-time ratio.


By her own admission, the brand doesn’t stick to a certain style. “It varies,” Ali says, adding that when it comes to styles, “I mix it up.” Coco’s pieces are currently being displayed at The Dressing Room’s adorable beach-shack-style shop in Hacienda Bay, among other boutiques, so you can get your hands on them while you’re in the North Coast, whenever you’re short on an injection of funkiness into your Sahel wardrobe!

You can check out their Facebook page here, or follow them on Instagram @cocosline.