Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Competition: Do You Have the Cutest Dog in Egypt?

#CSTopDog2017 our Instagram competition is officially back and begins a nation-wide search for Egypt's cutest dogs with amazing Ariika pet beds up for grabs.

Staff Writer

Life in Egypt can be ruff for just about any dog, however, more and more Egyptians are starting to realise that there is no better companion in life than a furry best friend. With a variety of breeds available and untold thousands in need of rescue, we decided to bring back our favourite competition #CSTopDog2017 - Egypt's only search for Oum El Donia's cutest canine.

Many of us in the Cairo Scene office have a dog enriching their lives, if not multiple fluffy friends. We seemingly can’t get enough of canine companionship. Understanding that it would be unfair to enter our own dogs in a competition we judge, we have decided to leave the judging to one of our favourite pet-friendly companies in Egypt; Ariika.

Inspired by our recent ESMA video calling for help to save Egypt's largest animal shelter, Ariika decided to launch a new series of colourful pet beds and houses, promising to donate a bed to the shelter for each one sold. Always looking for an opportunity to help animals and encourage adoption, Ariika has decided to give away five of their awesome pet beds for five lucky Cairo Scene winners as well.

If you think your doggy has what it takes to break the internet, or at least win our Top Dog 2017 competition, Instagram a photo of your loyal friend using the hashtag #CSTopDog2017, and tagging both @Cairoscene and @Ariikacomfort on Instagram and you will automatically be in the running to win the comfiest bed in Egypt for your special furry buddy.The competition officially begins April 24th and will run for two weeks with the winners being announced on Cairo Scene on May 6th. Winners will be contacted directly through Instagram to let them know they may begin bragging and how to pick up the prizes.

Now for all you cat people out there, please don't be discouraged. As soon as we wrap up this year's Top Dog competition, we will launch #CSTopCat2017 with five incredible house beds up for grabs. Stay tuned.