Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Cook’s Club: The New El Gouna Hotel Changing the Modern Travel Experience

Forget everything you thought you knew about luxury hospitality.

Staff Writer

While the seaside paradise that is El Gouna isn’t short on hotels, the newest addition to the Red Sea town is already shaping up to be one of its most exciting. Targeting the modern traveller, Cook’s Club is a quickly rising boutique hotel chain that does things a little differently.

As the first in the Middle East, the Downtown-located, 144-room hotel does away with gimmicks and the high-end hospitality tropes, instead focusing on world-class food and drink, specially curated musical events and fostering the kind of communal experience that’s lacking with other hotels – so much so that it seamlessly incorporates Bedouin-style seating into its largely clean, minimal, contemporary aesthetic.

What adds plenty of pizzazz to the whole experience is the hotel's trademark cocktails, which have been curated and perfected by some of the world's top mixologists. A perfect side to a day by the pool, don't you think?


The adults-only hotel is also the first to use a cashless eWallet system, which feeds into its uniquely casual help-your-self approach. Having opened its doors just last month, the hotel is quite literally the talk of the town for its unique fusion of luxury and that intangible home-style vibe that so many have tried but few, if any, have mastered.

Check out more of Cook's Club on the official El Gouna Hotels website.

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