Friday September 29th, 2023
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Create Your Own Natural Beauty Products at Norshek's North Coast Lab

Mother nature personified, Norshek left no sustainable initiative untapped, hence why she took her self-named lifestyle brand and set up shop on Egypt’s North Coast with their very own DIY lab.

Farida El Shafie

So, you’ve just unpacked how to properly use a shampoo bar - after hours spent chasing it around in a sopping wet shower - and now you’re looking to spruce things up a bit and fully succumb to the world of vegan island babe. Your lotions serve their purpose, yes, but are still marginally lacklustre and your conditioner - whilst scented as though it's heavenly ordained - has been leaving your ends a little crispy (Mcdonald’s chicken nuggie style).

That’s when mother nature personified ‘Norshek’ steps in. Leaving no sustainable initiative untapped, Norshek has taken her forest scented project and set up shop on Egypt’s North Coast with their very own DIY lab. Let us break it down.

Punctuated by the glistening waters of the Mediterranean sea and led by founder Norshek Fawzy herself, Norshek’s DIY lab invites Sahel’s residents to create their very own personalised toiletries. So, yes, you no longer need to lug around massive bottles of sulphate-laced hair products as you attempt to figure out the innumerous ways you can squeeze them in your weekend ‘carry-on’ just to have them explode in reverie as if it’s their weekend celebration.

You can find the beach-flavoured pop up at Masaya, Sisi AbdelRahman’s beach house. You’re welcome besties.