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Create Your Summer Sanctuary with These Homegrown Homewear Brands

Spruce up your summer space with these local furnishing and accessories brands.

Whether you’re spending summer in the city or a chalet by the beach, these delightful local furnishing and accessories brands will give your space a seasonal spruce up…

CASA DESIGNS || @casadesigns_eg

Rustic patterns and boho-textiles meet Scandinavian-inspired simplicity. Casa Designs was born for the beach.


Macrame chandeliers and artisanal pottery for your Sahel sanctuary.

PACIFIC OAKS || @pacific_oaks

Easy breezy bohemian vibes.  Beach not included.  

TAYETS || @tay.ets

Handmade baskets, rustic rugs, homespun jute arches and painted plates.

ARTOLOGY GALLERY || @artologygallary

An eclectic array of handcrafted wooden pieces, tree-bark chandeliers and postmodern art wall clocks.

KOPSES HOME || @kopses.home

Elegant yet frayed, classic yet asymmetrical, Kopses specialises in husk, jute, and wooden accessories.

NATURE FEATURES HOME || @nature_features_home

Bring ‘the outdoors’ indoors with these limited edition pieces born of naturally imperfect textures.

SADU DESIGNS || @sadu.designs

Macrame swing sets. Enough said.

ROFOOF EGYPT // @rofoofegypt

The charm of misshapen clay dinnerware, pottery coasters and imperfect mugs.